Jewelry and Product Retouching

What is Jewelry and Product


Jewelry Retouching Service is a complex photo editing method that focuses on enhancing and perfecting images of jewelry items like necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, watches etc. Its main purpose is to make the products look gorgeous and glittering.

At Master graphics, we offer several types of jewelry and product retouch service.

Basically we do ecommerce product photo editing. Jewelry Retouching involves color correction, reflections and shadow, Metal refinement, stone enhancement and so on.

Our company use advanced photo editing software to provide you the world’s best service.

What we do in Jewelry

Retouching service?

Jewelry retouching service is an effective solution for your online competitive business area.

  1. Color corrections: In Jewelry retouching service, adjusting the color balance, saturation and vibrancy is important. At Master graphics, we provide the best jewelry color correction service.

  2. Refection and shadow: It is the next step to retouch jewelry. Adding or refining reflections and shadow give the jewelry a realistic three dimensional look.

  3. Background removal: We are clipping experts who can quickly remove objects that aren’t important from images. This is the part of our jewelry retouching.  We can easily remove the background of your jewelry photo with cutting path service.
Jewelry retouching service

  • High end retouching: If you touch up your jewelry photos with a high end retouching, you can represent your jewelry image as a lot fashionable to the customers. Jewelry is always a luxurious thing, so this editing of jewelry is called high end photo retouching. 

  • Metal refinement: Metal polishing and smoothing is the best task in Jewelry retouching. It gives the jewelry brightening beauty look.

  • Mannequin remove: If your jewelry has a mannequin, we can easily remove it from your jewelry or product and make them easy to use this.

Why choose our Jewelry and Product

Retouching service?

Master graphics provide your image as sharper, clearer, color corrected and looking brightening with the most advanced color – science, retouching software and measurement tools in this photo editing site.

Our jewelry Photo editing service is designed to client’s specific requirement. We provide removing backgrounds and blurring, improving the appearance of jewelry photos.

Our designers can replace the stones in your jewelry as per your instruction by hand and add shadows and brightness.

Master graphics has brought you jewelry Photo editing service for your product presentation. We provide up to 5 free trial to justify us.

Have A Look At Our Work

We’ve done thousands of projects throughout our whole journey. Having 12+ years of experience we ensure you get the best sales-driven images

Let’s make it Flexible for you……

Our production system has been built from the group up with large volume orders. We use both selection tools and manual quality control systems.
So why tensed? Your images will turn out just as you wanted.

10+ Years of experience: We have experienced within 10+ years and are highly professional.

3 steps Quality Control: To simplify your job, we are doing 3 steps quality control.

24/7 clients support: If you face any problem to solve out, then we serve 24/7 support.

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Firstly you need to provide Image and clear Instructions. 

If the order contains large number of images, we will be happy to serve you sample of work. 

We can work with several types of file format like JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PSD. Finally we deliver your finished job as your choice. 

Our quickest time is less than a day. You can select super fast option to take the job completed within 6-10 hours.

No, it depends on your image quality. Please message me before placing an order. 

Yes. Though we work for clients satisfaction, but in need of you , we can accept unlimited revisions.

We accept PayPal, Payoneer, Bank Transfer, and Western Union.  If you have specific payment method then know me before get payment.

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